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General Info

Painting Information:  New Paintings 2022 - 2024

  • All Paintings are acrylic on canvas. 


  • Paintings are 66" x 66” or 42"x 66  

  • Double clicking on images gets full page views. 

 About the Paintings:   

  • I think it helps to look at these artworks as 2-dimensional sculptures, because that is the primary way they are created.  I use painted pieces of acrylic paint, cut them into shapes and place them in a final location with relationship to other parts/pieces of paint, on a large piece of glass.  Much like sculptural ideas, I use addition and substraction of the image parts to build the artwork.   These pieces are actually 3d (they are so thin, 2mm,  as to be practically 2D),  There is virtually no texture on the surface of the finished sculpture.  canvas is attached last to remove the final image/sculpture.

  • The paintingsculptures completed over the last 16 months have been created using random number generators to provide locations, shapes, sizes for the black and white paint.   It doesn’t have to make sense.  I’m happy to call them paint by numbers.

  • The Organization of My Time Using Paint 

  • The paintings are about nothing, really, nothing, it's just paint.  

  • Pareidolia is last year's word.

  • I use random number generators. Here are links to the two I use:


  •      RANDOM.ORG 


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