Gallery Info

Painting Information:    Five Galleries 2015-18

  •   Paintings are acrylic on canvas.

  •   Paintings are  66" x 66"   (some paintings are 66" x 120").


    About the Paintings:

 * The Organization of Time Using Paint *


         This year I've been doing a bit of time travel.  I'm rediscovering something I was interested in when I first started painting. It's a kind of minimal/optical painting where details disolve and then refocus.   I abandoned this line of painting without completing its evolution and have now found  that there is quite a bit of satisfaction to be had working this way.   

        It gets more complex as invention looks for mother. That’s not just trying to be clever because there are creative and addictive features of painting this way that necessitates adjusting to the new reality; the “blind painting” aspect, memory is tasked differently, and I especially like the counter intuitive part while farming out conceptual directions to myself. Of course having an artistic technique that looks a little different should be worth noting.


        How I make decisions about what exactly to do next (while painting) is the art and much of the fun of it all, as anyone knows. I suppose I’m least satisfied calling it a compulsion, but that’s probably close. To make a painting I try to use chance, intuition, trial and error within some kind of varying selection process (that means I’m as arbitrary and capricious as I choose to be) and I let each painting develop in its own fashion (that means that there is some preconception, a little planning, and quite a bit of unorganized activity all along the way.) I try to make paintings with no obvious meaning or recognizable image.  This so-called evolution of a painting is internally motivated, self reflective, and driven by a process that seeks completion. Then, like all compulsions, it wants to start a new set, and who can refuse after a while?


     Although it has not been true this past 12 months, I generally think that I produce paintings in what seems like a cycle and that cycle is roughly seasonal, and I tend to not paint at all in the winter. I suspect that this too is also some kind of illusion since I also paint whenever I get the motivation regardless of the time, yet the cycle metaphor seems useful is a way that I haven’t quite figured out, and so I’m sticking with it until it completely breaks down.


      Since I don't referee the process from some ultimate endpoint (that is I have no known goal) and the imagery unfolds in a process that obscures and sometimes hides the image, I often only get to anticipate what the painting will look like until it is finished. That’s a round about way of saying that since I paint on a piece of glass; I can’t see the painting until it is done. While literally not always true, in a practical sense it is close to the heart of the wonderful dilemma of wanting to both know and not know how the thing looks as it is made.


      Finally, it’s most likely some part of my psyche to want to make this “art making info” sound “natural and organic” when really it’s the artificial, synthetic, invented and non-natural that I’m really interested in.  


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